Tuesday, July 9, 2013


After eating rice cakes and unique Korean milk, I rushed to the bus with my host sister and found all the tired yet smiling faces of all the home stay couplets. With some brief directions, discussions and hello's, we were off to Seoul.

At first we were all sleepy, staring out the window at the city scape and traffic jams, but as we approached Seoul, we became more alive. It was as if we were injected with the city buzz.

Meraf's host sister Yesa and Dominic began singing Phantom of the Opera, and soon the whole bus joined in. (Poor bus driver.) Some Korean students showed us some K-Pop and we returned the favor with some harlem shake and screaming goats. (Ask your kids to show you.) 

Many laughs were shared and a new culture was being created, and we finally arrived in Seoul at Changdeokgung Palace. Words won't do it justice, so I will post many pictures in the next post, but for now, just know that it was stunning. 

After we broke a sweat walking through a garden (yes, it's possible in the Korean heat) we went to Blacksmith, an Italian restaurant, which had the best Gorgonzola Pizza and Pasta most of our taste buds have had the honor of encountering. 

With stomachs full, it was time to shop. And again, I was extremely proud of everyone on this shopping spree. An intermixture of students roamed the marketplace, searching among the trinkets and tourist tents. And the wonderful thing was everyone met back at the meeting place on time and ready to go. (Perhaps because they literally were shopping till they dropped.)

It was sad to see Seoul pass us by, but we boarded the bus back to Asan and we were definitely a completely different group of individuals then when we left. We were friends. 

And what do friends do? Cook dinner with one another and battle it out in Wii. And that is just what we did. 

Tomorrow we return to the school where the American students will give their presentations on American culture and they get to visit Korean classrooms in return, and hopefully, more friendships will be built along the way.

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