Friday, July 5, 2013

In Texas Ya'll

We have officially arrived in the great state of Texas, waiting at our gate to board in about 15 minutes. Only a few remain on the non-sleep status, but so far I've learned a lot about each and every one and can proudly say that I am so honored to be traveling with these young adults. We will have a 14 hour flight to Seoul where Tevy is going to give us a grand tour of the elegant Incheon Airport. We are all looking forward to a comfortable bed and a delicious Korean meal, but until then, we are going to enjoy the modern marvel that is international travel.

Here are some words from the kids when asked the question, if you could say one word to describe your mood what would it be?

Allie: Hyper
Sam: Tired
Miranda: Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious
Tevy: Happy
Dominic: Flabbergasted
Meraf: Stuck
Makela: Okay

As for me, I am feeling optimistic. Hanna is feeling quite hungry, stating that "she could eat the whole world right now," and our boss man Dr. Lee is currently taking a walk around the airport.

We'll update you when we get to Seoul. But for now, here are our beautiful faces.

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  1. What a happy looking group! Love the pink shoes, too! I am in awe of your adventurous Spirit! Have fun!

    Tevy's Auntie Di