Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farewell, for now.

I wanted to post some more pictures and talk a little about the future of this blog. My hope is that this blog does not go to the inter web graveyard subsequent to this trip, but continues. I know that may be difficult, but at the very least, I would like all the students, parents and participants to upload any thoughts, pictures etc. to the blog. It can be a place where we can all collectively re-live, experience and reflect upon the trip as a community.

After all, students will come back with many stories, perhaps different perspectives and maybe even a mild version of reverse culture shock. Either way, my hope is that the blog can grow a little more before we have to bid it farewell.

Also wanted to let everyone know that we will be departing Seoul-Incheon Airport at approximately 4:50PM and arrive in Dallas-Fort Worth at 4:25 PM. We will then depart Dallas FT Worth at 6:40 PM and arrive in Detroit at approximately 10:15 PM. We'll have the kids call you when we arrive in Dallas Ft Worth.

But until then, here are some pictures to ease your excitement of seeing your lovely children!

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