Friday, July 19, 2013

Me-fabulous Meraf

My favorite day in the whole trip I think was the last day where I was with my family the whole day(Saturday). We woke up had breakfast, which was really good. And I mistakenly thought that my mom had made it, and when I asked, everyone screamed no! which I thought was hilariouis! What really stood out to me was when Yesa said "Nooooooo, no, no, no. She NEVER, she NEVER cooks. Her cooking is terrible" and she said it with such justification; like the thought of her mom cooking appalled her! And her mom, in response to my question laughed hysterically, shook her head and said don't ask me that question.
Later, we went to a mexican resturant which, even though it took forever to get there, was TOTTALLY worth it! It was delicious! Then we TRIED going to a skating rink, but we couldnt wear figure skated and had to wear hockey skates, and when we finally got on the ice, I didn't know if it was the ice or maybe the skates were dull, but none of us could skate! In the end, we all got blisters, and my mom got her money back. the rest was a bit of a blur, but I awoke to find my host dad in the front seat and we were heading to the movies! so when we got there, we saw Pacific Rim. Which, I think is one of the top best movies of all time. But everyone except the YOUNGEST of the sisters, Yay-Gong, even my host dad was scared and my mom, when I turned to look at her, was behing him! And then afterwards, Yay-Gong and I couldnt stop talking about it! and my mom was just staring and laughing at us. Then we went to the Outback and had delicious food! then we went home and my sisters and I wasted the night watching the movie Grease. TOTAL let down! then we crashed.

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